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About Décor Your Door

Be The Talk of Your Neighborhood

Décor Your Door is the leading manufacturer of high-quality, high-resolution garage door decoration solutions. Whether you've got a dent on your garage door or want to stand out from the crowd this holiday season with a garage door Christmas decoration, we've got you covered!

Who We Are


Décor Your Door is headquartered in the beautiful state of Florida. Our team is passionate about creating unique products that enhance your life. Bring much love this holiday season and beyond with our best-in-class garage door decoration mural.

Premium Quality Materials


Our garage door décor is available all year round and can withstand any weather. Thanks to our 100% polyester weather-resistant material, it lasts through heavy downpours and freezing cold snowstorms. Use it for sectional panels or a one-piece tilt-up garage door. You can't beat the quality of our product. We build our garage door murals to last!

Our Mission


Everyone likes easy-to-use Christmas and holiday decorations. Our patented (pending) designed to fit on any garage door. the process of attaching the cover on your garage door is unique and easy-to-attach. With built-in Velcro strips on the top of the banner and strong elastic cord with a convenient hook at the bottom, you’ll find our garage door covers incredibly stress-free. This process goes together with our mission to make your garage door look fantastic all year!

Why Choose Our Products?


With so many options online, you might be thinking, why should I buy your garage door covers?

Well, here are some of the things our customers say they love about our products:

  • Easy to attach
  • Innovative designs available
  • Machine Washable & Reuseable
  • High-quality & Fade resistant
  • Weather Resistant
  • Fits Perfectly
  • Excellent décor for the front of the house

Our number one focus is creating a product that fits your garage door and looks fantastic throughout the year. We worked to find the right materials, and we patented our attachment design to give you the ultimate garage door decoration.

Ready To Change Your Garage Décor?


We care about your experience with our products. We want you to have the best-looking garage door on your block! Our premium-made garage covers give you complete flexibility to choose the décor you want.

So, check out our selection every season, from our garage door Christmas mural to our summer designs; we have everything you need to make your garage door pop throughout the year.

Shop today and get your unique garage door cover décor shipped within 1-2 days.

We can’t wait to transform your garage door!